June 01, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson CO8 - how to draw a Fish (Wanda)

Hello all,

and welcome to Lesson C08 of a Drawspace art program.

This lesson is special. It's about drawing a Fish with almost no explanations. The lesson is almost free of text. Well, there is some little text but its purpose is to encourage and convince you that at this point you are skilled enough to sketch with minimum help.
There are, of course, drawings and very practical tips and hints to guide you through the process.

So let's begin.
This lesson is divided into 2+1 parts. In part 1 you are to make a sketch. In part 2 - you create a thicker outline with black tip marker.

So after I finished reading the lesson the very first thing I did was to draw a guiding line for Wanda's body. I thought it would make it easier for me to draw a proper shape when something guides me. And I'm glad I did that since it was really helpful. Because after 10 minutes, almost without noticing, I finished the sketch. Here it is.

Then it was time for step 2: The Black Marker outlining.
Well, that, I tell you, was intense. I was only in a head section when I had to take a break and take a deep breath.

Outlining with a marker, it's difficult!!!!

I guess that when you draw with a pencil you can always undo the line, you can always erase one part and add another. It's like cutting the fabric before sewing the cloth piece: one wrong cut - and the fabric is ruined. Or with the water color artwork: once it's on the paper - it's there forever.

That's why I was so careful with the marker: one wrong hand movement - and he drawing is ruined. Plus it was the very first time I worked with a tip marker. So, I guess, my caution is natural.

I kept on outlining. It was difficult. Every finished part of Wanda's body came with an exhausted exhale of relief. Another phase is finished. I'm almost there. And here it is.

You can see that there are still pencil marks on my drawing.

But since I can't stop shaking (no, I'm not cold) I think I'll leave everything as is and go and do something else.

I'll see you soon.

Have a great day,