November 07, 2011

Creating geometrical patterns

I’ve been dealing a lot with patterns lately, and I started to look for some info online about creating them.
Basically, pattern is a repetition of the same thing.
So the first thing you should remember while working on a pattern is to create this basic “thing” or element that will repeat itself over and over again.
The big question is how exactly do we create these basic elements?

So the basic idea is when creating a geometric pattern is to take several basic figures and arrange them beautifully together.
You don't have to know what it's going to look like. All you should do is to start playing with these figures. Connect and disconnect them. Just like playing a Lego. Sketch. Move. Remove. Rotate the paper you're sketching on.

That sketch was the base to my illustration.
After having some decent base I started working in Illustrator.
I don't know exactly how long it took me to create the final result, but there it is:

A single element and a pattern.

I like it and I hope I was helpful.
Good luck in creating those gorgeous patterns.