November 24, 2011

Drawing a donut

Hanukkah, a cool and tasty holiday is near and since one of it's treats are donuts then it's time to learn a bit about of these oily greesy things.
It's obvious that different cultures have different name for the same thing:
There is an American donut, a Russian ponchink, an Israeli sufgania  and  a Morrocan sfinj - and these the four that I personally tasted and I'm sure there are more :).
They all mean the same: A piece of dough fried in deep oil, and after that filled with either jam or glased with colorful glasings, sometimes dipped in deluted honey or sugar.

Since Hannuka is coming in December I've been sketching lots and lots of these yammi and very fattening food. While watching closely I've come to realise that there is a very distinguished difference in its forms: Donut and sufgania make almost a perfect smooth edge while sfinj and ponchick have a pretty curvy shape.

So when trying to draw the first two try to make your lines pretty streight, almost perfect. When drawing the second two - do a soft curvy line to make it look natural.

Have a great and sweet day,