November 20, 2011

Drawing clay jugs

Today is a Clay Jug day. I am learning to draw pottery items. I am looking for different perspectives trying to capture the basic form. I have no idea what it's going to be good for, but I guess it's a result of a brainstorming flow, getting ready for Hanukkah illustrations.

As usual – there are no shadows, no details. It's just a basic form.
While sketching I've realised that you don't really have to try hard to draw an item on its side - and I'm talking ONLY about the X&Y scale here - but you can draw it just as is and then rotate it right and left, as required for the specific project. No difference really. Or I might be wrong.

Of course it is better to make the effort and draw it again in the originally required position, but hey, one can do it a bit later.

These quick sketches are just a few hours of work. Each took between 10 to 15 minutes . The process is the most important. Of course, when there are some complete illustrations I will show them off.

Have a great and productive day.

Yours truly,