November 15, 2011

Next stop: winter holidays!!!

Hello there!!!

Halloween is over and this means that we move on to the next three holidays: Hanukah, Christmas and New years. All celebrated in the end of the year, in a winter time.

Since the three of them are celebrated one so close to another I will have to work really intensively - and I hate the word "hard" - to create as many illustrations as possible. I guess it will be some kind of challenge for me this time. I would like to create at least 20 illustrations by the end of the year. It might seem a little, but not for me. Snowmen, snowflakes, donuts, presents, money bags, Christmas trees, Santas and dragons will be in place.
The idea, as usual, is to sketch a lot and then to create something original.

So the keyword notes are ready, the paper sheets are out and pencils are sharpened.
Ready! Set! Go!

Have a great holiday season!