January 25, 2012

How to draw a Rose: Method 6

This method was borrowed from an old "learning how to draw" book that I have. It's called "Drawing flowers" by a Russian artist Andrei Aseev, published in 1995. Since I couldn't find an online version of this book so I allowed myself to publish the relevant page.

The given method claims that you can divide the flower to stages/levels/half spheres - as shown - and add some curvy petals to it.

This is the "by the book" sketch. Looks a bit schematic, but I guess that that's just the way I drew it.

These are the "real life" attempts. As you can see I drew one of the roses three times and this is why. The first attempt came out a bit messy. I didn't like the result so I drew it again. The second attempt was a bit neater, but still not that good. For some reason I thought that maybe it was because I drew it really small, so I decided to do it a bit bigger.

I think that the last version looks much better than the small ones.

So I guess there is one thing I did learn: never draw tiny. And don't save the paper that much. Draw bigger.
I guess this will be one of my tasks for the next month - draw a full size A4 Roses.