June 01, 2012

June: Month of a Calla lily

It's June now and we're moving on from a Garden Lily to a Calla lily.

Calla lily (officially called Zantedeschia) is one of Araceae family and has nothing to do with Liliaceae family (btw, "- aceae" means "family of" in Latin).  They grow mainly in warm climate and their color vary from white through yellow and red to black purple. They are considered to be pretty toxic but their leaves are sometimes used in various cuisines. 

The flowers was cultivated for the usage during Easter floral trade in the beginning of the 20th century hence the additional name - Easter Lily.
It is the national flower of St. Helena (Remember the Napoleon exile?)

Georgia O'Keeffee, an American artist, painted many Callas, mostly white, during her career.
Diego Rivera, a Mexican artist, wildly used this flower in his paintings.

Regarding the cultural usage of the flowers - hey are used both in weddings and funerals.

Enough said - let's draw!!!