August 16, 2012

How to draw a Narcissus/Daffodil - Method 3


Welcome to Method 3 of How to draw a Narcissus/Daffodil month.
This time I will be using a TLC how to method. What drawn me to this method is the lightness of the first sketch. The lines and the circles the artist uses here are almost weightless and this is something I am willing to achieve too - make my work lighter than it is now.

There are five steps and, as in most of tutorials, one starts with lines a

This is my "by the tut" sketch.

Not bad, I'd say.
Light, simple, basic.
It was pretty easy to complete.

And these are the other sketches.

As you know, I usually use references I find online. While browsing the web I saw a photo with three daffodils and I really wanted to sketch them. Well, see here I really struggled. I have no idea how many times did I erase and started this sketch all over again! But I loved it so much I had to continue!!! I'm not saying that this one is great, but for sure it's better than it could be.

Practice brings to perfection, is that what they say?
And I try to practice as much as I can.

I hope you found this tutorial useful.

Have a great day!