August 29, 2012

How to draw a Narcissus/Daffodil - Method 6

Hi all!!!

It's Tuesday and it's time for another method.
This one is taken from Simply One Stroke blog - and you should check it out, Pat, the owner, has some gorgeous art works.

It's a video tutorial and it's lovely. Easy to follow, thanks Pat!

This is my "by the tut" sketch.

I didn't add any shading but I did this small bouquet Pat added on the side, really cute.

And these are the sketches by references.

I must say I'm pretty happy with these. I took me some time to sketch the one on the left - the five flowers, but I really enjoyed doing it.
Also I really love the one on the upper right corner, I think it's pretty good.

Well, I guess this is the last one for this month.
In September we'll be working on Orchids, and all the upcoming holidays.

See you soon and have a great day,