August 03, 2012

Resetting goals for the second half of the year

Hi all!!!

The first half of this year is over and it's time to go over the goals I've set to myself in the beginning of the year.
So this is the list. 10 of its items are the original ones from the beginning of the year. The last three were added as the year went by (and, for sure, I will continue to add some more).

Let's see what I have achieved during the last six months:
  1. Sketch, sketch, sketch!!! As much as possible!!! - I do!!!! Several hours a day, several days a week! (see no.11)
  2. Learn how to draw all Chinese calendar characters to get ready for the next year in advance.
  3. Same for the Zodiacs, of course :).
  4. Do a 5, 10, 15 minutes exercise once a week. It shouldn't be hard to dedicate half an hour of my time to such a development. - I must get back to this exercise...
  5. Draw 12 flowers during this year, but do it in such a way that it will become a second nature. I mean, I love daises, but come on, I must move on.  - I'm actually half way through :)
  6. Work on Portraits and Human figure. - Yeah, right... Hopefully next year...
  7. Get ahead of myself and be ready for the holidays at least 2 week before it comes. Which means, start preparing for it at least 2 months in advance. - I'm working on it... It's really time to get ready for Fall holidays...
  8. Learn about Illustrator Brushes and Symbols - thanks for the reminder, Ryan.
  9. Do DrawSpace lessons more often. 
  10. Become a regular on Illustration Friday. I've made one or two illustrations in the past, but that doesn't really count.
  11. Draw at least 1 hour a day - every day! And keep it documented in my Journal. (added on March, 2012). - I draw and I document - at least try to... (I will make a days count in the end of the year)
  12. Learn how to shade properly (Added on March, 2012).
  13. Learn to draw water and water drops (Added July 28th, 2012).
  14. Continue working on my Zazzle shop - add at least 500 more items (Added July 31st.)
  15. Try to blog twice a week (Added July 31st)
  16. Add to Shutter stock gallery at least 30 items til the end of the year.  (Added July 31st.)
  17. Continue developing SEO skills.  (Added July 31st)
  18. I've started learning HTML again - I might build a website soon.  (Added July 31st.)
* Does it feel like I'm spreading again? It does to me... 

Well, I can't say that I'm really happy with the meantime result. 
3 in progress - items 1, 5 and 11. 2 in thoughts - items 4 and 7. The rest - 2, 3, 6, 8-10, 12-13 are untouched. 14-18 were taken from my 2011: The conclusion post so they don't really count since they were only added today. I hope to get to some of them during the second half of the year. Some - I believe will be delayed to the next year. 

And what about you? Have you made any plans this year and checked them already? 
Do share.

Have a great day, 

P.S. I had a baby too :)