January 29, 2013

Creating a viewfinder frame

Hi hi,

This post is a tutorial follow-up of the one published in Drawspace lesson AO7.

When I began section B of the Drawspace program I've realized that this might be a great way to do something really "by the book".

Because usually I never do it. So when I started reading Lesson B01 I've realized that I should construct a Viewfinder Frame.
So I put aside my reading and prepared for some cutting!

I began thinking about the card box I am about to use and while in the kitchen, I laid my eyes on an empty cereal box I didn't get a chance to through yet. So I took my scissors, a ruler and began to work.

First I cut one side of the box to make it more comfortable to work with.

Then I took measures and made some cuts and came with this result.

Since I was left with another square I made another view frame, a bit smaller, and then another, the smallest.

So here I am with one side of an empty cereal box turning into three view frames of different sizes, no money spent but 15 minutes of my time. How cool is that?

After looking at all this DIY I got a feeling that the smallest frame will be the one I would use the most.

The future will show how well spent these fifteen minutes were.

Have a great day,