March 02, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson B06 - shading and values

Hi all!

Let's move on to Lesson B06 of the Drawspace program.

If you read my 2013 Goal list, you probably remember that one of the things that I wanted to do this year is to learn how to shade my sketches properly.
And this lesson is all about shading and shading methods.

There are many styles of shading: different kinds of lines, curls and curves and other forms - it's all here.

So I started doing the first sheet and got stuck on trying to do the curved line - as you can see from the many attempts - it wasn't easy.

The second worksheet wasn't easy too - it had a hearlike and the furlike shade.

The third worksheet made it difficult with the orb.

There were several times that I just took a glance at the sketch, did it and after giving it a second look - erased and re-sketched it because I understood that I didn't look at it carefully enough.

So the Tip of the day: Look - Analyze - Draw/Copy.

After finishing the worksheet I found the tip page where the author explained how to look at these worksheets, what to look for and what to pay attention to before getting to work.

So the second Tip of the day: When doing lessons such as this (text + worksheet) - do read the lesson first and only then do the tasks.

And now to the actual task of this lesson.

These are the actual four worksheets with the actual shaded sketches.

First one was easy - I just had to hold my pencil light and long in an obtuse angle and make long movements with my elbow in the air.

The second one was a bit more difficult, since I had to do more values - pressing a pencil differently every time. Also I had to measure the distance between each wave to make the sketch more accurate.

The third one was difficult mainly because there were circles involved. And they were very strictly placed, so I had to measure the working area again.

The forth one was interesting. I think it was the first time that I used the Negative Drawing method. It came out pretty useful here, since it was easier to draw the object as parts and not as a whole. On the other hand - maybe the Negative space was actually a positive one? I'm confused...

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a great day,