March 05, 2013

How to draw a Hedgehog

Hi all,

It's spring now which means that Pessah is on its way. While thinking of a new greeting card, I've came to the conclusion that this year too I want to associate the card with the spring itself and not with the traditional holiday items. Somehow, I don't like the way Mazza and Gefiltefish look on greeting cards...

So I started to think about the things that associate with spring. Of course there are blooming flowers and butterflies, sunny blue skies and green fields, but then again - how corny is that?
And then I've remember that it's in spring when you start seeing hedgehogs sniffing around. And I've always loved hedgehogs. Actually, one of the most beloved, classical, interesting and philosophical Russian cartoons involves a hedgehog - of course, it's Hedgehog in the fog.

So I started to explore and found these How to draw a Hedgehog tutorials.

1. Jan Brett - How to draw a Hedgehog.
2. The Drawbot - Drawing Hedgehog.
3. Shoo Rayner drawing - how to draw a hedgehog easily.
4. YeDraw - How to draw a Hedgehog.
5. Luntiks - Draw a hedgehog step by step.

So these are my five hedgehogs.

What you see is my very first attempt to draw a Hedgehog, but obviously, not the last.

4/5 of these tuts are based on the same principle: you draw a horizontal oval, then attach some more circles and ovals to it and then add some more details. And the only difference between them is how easy it is to sketch them and how cute is the final outcome.

That means that what is left for me to do is some more practicing for the final sketch that will appear on a Pessah greeting card.

I hope you found these tuts as much useful as I did.

Have a great week,