March 13, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson B08 - How is the Dog's head shaped?

Hi hi,

This is the B08 lesson of a Drawspace art program.
This lesson deals with one of my favorite animals - dogs. Well, actually, it deals with a subject of breaking a complex figure into several simple ones using a photo of a dog's head.

So first thing first - I read the article through.

Here's my sketch. This is the first time in my life that I've drawn an animal.
Now, as I observe it again, I notice that the ears of this dog are too small and the eyes are real tiny...

I didn't redraw this one on purpose, just to show the process I'm being through at the moment: learning, making mistakes, redoing the same and learning some more.

This is why I did another drawing if the same dog.

And I think it paid off - I think this one looks much better than the previous.

The challenge of the lesson was to draw the dog with full fur but, frankly, I wasn't ready to accept it yet. So I drew some more, yet other dogs.

I did a sketch of an Irish Setter and the English bulldog. The bulldog was difficult, I must admit. I did only one sketch, left it as is. And even if it has so many things to be re-drawn, I'm pretty happy about how it came out. After all, these are my first dog sketches.

I hope you found this lesson helpful and useful.

Have a great day,