March 08, 2013

Drawspace: lesson B07 - How to draw a Grendel Gremlin

Hi hi.

Welcome to Lesson B07 of the Drawspace Art program.
This lesson is a real treat. This will be the first time that we're actually going to draw something realistic. Well, kind of. The theme is Grendel Gremlin of the Beowulf stories. Although this Grendel is kind of cute and not scary as it probably should be.

So, following the previous lesson's tip, I first read the article and then began drawing my Grendel.

This Grendel is constructed mainly of ellipses and circles: egg shaped head, elliptic eyes and nose and everything else is very curvy too.

This is my final result and I think it's pretty nice. I tried to sketch it as accurately as I could, although I had some difficulty with drawing the egg like head. Also, there was some troubles with the proportion measurements, but overall, it was ok.  

The challenge of this lesson was to create another, different gremlin. And since my first "other gremlin" - bottom right - came out looking like a New Year decoration ball and, for some, a Teletubby, I've decided to draw another one. I still don't know if any of these look like gremlin, but I know that I had fun drawing.

And I really like the idea behind this lesson: Draw something and the change it! I might take it as a periodic exercise.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson as much as I did.

Have a great day,

P.S. While drawing I constantly thought of the upcoming Easter and the Easter eggs.... I should start working on the subject. Really soon.