March 21, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson B09 - How to draw a chair using a Negative space method

Hi hi,

Welcome to B09 lesson of a Drawspace art program.
This lesson is a real treat. We get to draw from life using a Negative Space method. So it's a double challenge for me. First - it's never easy to draw from life - even if it's a still chair. Second - it's a Negative Space drawing, therefore you don't get to outline.

But let's begin. What we do here is we draw an estimated negative space surrounding the object.
So set your Viewfinder frame and begin drawing.

These are my three attempts to draw a chair. Why three? No idea... But what I do know is that I still have a very long way to go. Because, well, it wasn't easy.

I know I tried to cheat from time to time and make some kind of chair outlining but I managed to stop myself on time. Otherwise - I would lose the whole point of this lesson.
I want to calm myself by making an excuse that the chair I chose to draw was too difficult for me to draw at the moment, but it won't work. My sketches sucked. Although from attempt to attempt it was way easier to draw.

The challenge of the lesson was to draw another form using the same method - from life, of course.

So I chose much simpler objects - a rubber duck, a wooden figure of a pig head and a mug.

A rubber duck was pretty easy to do, although I still did two sketches. None of them is perfect, but yet again, making it perfect is not a purpose here.

The pig head and a mug were very simple to do - the forms are plain with absolutely no details.

So what can I say to conclude? It was very interesting. And very challenging. And I know that I would want to repeat this lesson to do it again. I'm still not quite sure what is the purpose of the Negative drawing but hopefully this mystery will be solved soon enough.

Did you find this lesson useful?
I know I did.

Have a great day,