June 22, 2013

Draspace Lesson C12 - Drawing flower buds differently


and welcome to Lesson C12 of a Drawspace art program.

This is the last lesson of a section C of this program. There is no proper image here but a form and a challenge. We draw a Lilly bud using different pencils and while pressing them differently while drawing. On one you hardly press with your pencil, on the other - you press a lot and on the third you combine the two.

This is the bud.
I did a free sketching here since the purpose of the exercise was not the exact drawing.
Well, as you can see, there are two pencils used - 4B and 3H. Light, bold and the combo. 
It seems like an easy exercise - and it is - but I had some difficulties with switching from one pressure level to another. This is why I did some more sketches. 

I did these circles.

And these squares.

And then I did this shape

and realized that the difficulty came when I had straight lines. Because when the lines are fluid the switch can be done pretty easily.

And then I did another sketch, which was really easy to do, but somehow I feel that the next section will have this sketch somewhere further inside.

I hope you found this lesson as useful as I did.

Have a great day,