June 05, 2013

How to draw a Dolphin tutorial

Hi all.

This post is about making a little, a tiny, to be precise, closure. My last post was dealing with a Drawspace lesson C08, that suggested to draw a Fish.

If you remember this lesson, I became very emotional while writing and drawing this fish. The post was left without a challenge sketch. After rereading it I realized that it would be some kind of a crime to add something to it but it would be a worse crime to leave the C08 lesson without its challenge. So I decided to make an additional post and draw another fish. I began my search and I found a picture of this gorgeous Dolphin. Well, it's not a fish, it's a mammal, but oh, it's gorgeous....

At first I wanted to create some kind of step - by - step post but when I began drawing I realized that there is no need for me to create another lesson, because there's already one on Drawspace.

So this is my dolphin. It didn;t take me long to outline it and I tried my best to use the method given on C08 Lesson.

I hope yo love my sketch.

See you soon,