June 26, 2013

From sketch to drawing - how to develop a greeting card.

Hi all!

You know these times when you work on a project and then you realize there's a big flop in what and how you do it? I had this moment just lately.

You probably know that I'm a self-taught illustrator - or, at least, I'd like to think of myself this way - and I'm still very deep in the process of learning. One of the things I learn and look for is for ways to become efficient. And that regards to every aspect of my life. And one of the methods is to plan ahead. But somehow when it comes to my illustrations I tend not do it. Why? Laziness, I guess. But in the end my time gets wasted because it takes me ages to decide on the right texture and the right shadow etc.

I was working on my new Pessah card when I've released something very important. I've released that even when I sketch to get a clear vision of what I want to illustrate, I never get to the point when I know exactly how it's going to look like. I mean, I have an idea of what it's going be but never what it's going to look like. And it does make my life kind of miserable. Because, as in the case of a Pessah card, I knew from the beginning that I wanted there to be a tree, some flowers and a hedgehog. But I never went deep enough to clarify to myself what kind of a tree it's going be or how will the hedgehog sit in the grass. (And yes, these things matter in the final design/illustration).

So I went and learn how to draw a hedgehog.

It was a fun first time experiment since I love hedgehogs. I also drew some trees and made a proper composition. Unfortunately I didn't use these sketches in the end but it was definitely a time well spent and I learned a new method of working.

I planned ahead again when  I was creating a Shavuot card.
First I made a list of all the key themes of the holiday - and there are plenty!
Since I had to choose several items and I had a very limited time to work on the card (as a first concept didn't go through), I first drew these items that it was easier to draw.

Then I placed them in the exact composition I wanted them to be - all on paper, roughly sketched.

After all the decisions have been made, I finished the card in no time. Of course, I keep on adding and changing while working, but still, it is WAY easier when you have your artwork planned ahead.
And that what came out after the final changes (the first and the final versions of the card).

One of my goals in whatever I do is to do it in the most efficient way there is. I always look for the best way to do (anything). I guess that I'm on something here.

And what about you? Do you have a method that makes your work easier? Do share here.

I wish you a great day,