June 09, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson CO9 - how to draw Star Fish


This is a C09 lesson of a Drawspace art program. This time we'll be drawing a Star Fish. Like C08, this lesson is mostly without explanations and also includes the Marker outlining part.

I guess that the way it's going to be from now on and I'll have to deal with it.

So drawing starfish is pretty simple: a circle + 5 around attached to it. Basically, at first you draw a 5 petal flowers with uneven petals. Then you attach an open and wavy triangle to it. And then you connect everything and add details.

Here's my StarrFish sketch.

And this is the black outlined.

It was pretty easy. Most of the shapes were basic so it was easy to do.

So here's the image chosen for the chalenge. And a sketch for it.
It took me exactly 2 minutes to do the sketch.

And another 2 to do the Black Pen outline.

It was a nice lesson. I can see now that practice does make it easier. I draw faster and with ease. I like it very much.

Have a great day,