March 07, 2014

Drawspace lesson Q01: How to draw a Dragon egg.

So, after many doubts, after going through sections O and P over and over again, I understood that I'm not actually tired of shading (the goal is still on!!!) but of drawing human faces. Which means that I'll be skipping Sections O and P and move on straight to Section Q.

The task of this lesson was to draw a Dragon egg.

Simple enough so I decided to challenge myself and draw some more eggs.

Since egg shading is very edgy in the terms of the tone itself, I had to work simultaneously with several pencils on the same area. I switched my pencils frequently so I could reach the tone I was looking for. I always kept in mind that if I want to highlight a spot I should add more of the dark. It was challenging indeed. As simple as the form is, I guess that only now I fully understand the importance of a shape drawing/shading.

I guess I should draw eggs more often.

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