March 21, 2014

Drawspace lesson Q04: How to draw a Rose

It's a Rose again!

If you follow this blog for a while you probably remember that in 2012 I dedicated a whole year to flower drawing. If you're new to my blog I invite you to visit this link.

I like drawing flowers so this one will be real fun for me.

It was a nice experience. The crosshatching as a shading technique seats nicely here and my only problem here is flat shading.

This is my reference for the Rose Challenge.

It was a cool and easy session. I was having fun although struggled a bit at first and had to go over my Rose tutorial list to find the best way to draw this one. So good I have this list :) But the flat shading repeats here too so I'll have to work on it.

But I really should start drawing from life flowers.

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