March 17, 2014

Learning to draw: why does one learn to draw and what does one want to draw?

Recently I've been experiencing a situation of weird uncertainty. I've realized that it's time to ask myself two of the very important questions: 1. why do I want to know how to draw and 2. what do I want to draw when I know how to.

As you remember, the task of lesson Q03 was to draw a jeans fabric!! My first thought was "Why would I want to draw jeans? I don't want to draw people!!!" And then I thought, and this is a real thing, what do I want to draw? I mean, really? And then I realized that I never asked myself this question... I know I want to illustrate children books, but in this case I better know how to draw absolutely ANYTHING!!!

But when I come to think about it, it might be another sign of my progress. The fact that I start asking questions which are beyond technical knowledge might be just that. I know that first of all I'd like to be able to express ideas that pop into my head. I know that it's all a matter of time, patience and practice. And then, maybe, just maybe start create something meaningful...

Wish me luck!

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