March 14, 2014

From drawing lessons to drawing workshops: taking a break and making some changes.

As you remember, I had some kind of drawing break-down two weeks ago. I skipped two Drawspace sections and took a break from drawing faces. It didn't end there. I was still down and had a little cheer-up talk with a friend. He said that I should be moving on from Drawspace. He said that I got stuck on the "learning" part and completely neglected the "creating" part of my process. He said that at this point I am good enough to stop copying and start creating. Although I disagree with him on the "good enough" part I do think he's right about everything else. I got so obsessed with finishing the Drawspace program and post about every single lesson I do that apparently it has become my real goal: to complete the next lesson and post about it every other day. After all, I am on schedule!

It would be stupid to deny my progress. I am proud to say that my strict diet schedule made me work/draw more than I ever did. But at this point I could simply say that I feel a bit exhausted from my own setting and it's time to make some changes.

First thing I did was to enroll in a free Strathmoreartist four-week-long "Back to the basic" workshop. These are short video sessions performed b Earnest Ward, an artist and a blogger. So for the next four weeks I will be posting about my experience with my first ever online art workshop.

The other change I am really willing to make is to start taking seriously various flashmobs run around the web. I wanted to start with these for months, but I never got the chance since I was obsessed with completing the Drawspace program.

I also feel that it's time to start reading art books again.

So from now on I will be hopefully posting twice a week, maybe more.
I hope you understand.

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