March 09, 2014

Drawspace lesson Q02: How to draw a smooth grape

In this lesson the subject is a Grape, so yes, it's a round shape all over again.

I did this grape pretty fast so I decided to draw some more grapes. This is the reference I worked from.

I don't like the result. The light on the reference was too even so I decided to Photoshop it into black and white to see the tones better but it didn't help either. It felt like I was drawing eggs all over again. I couldn't manage the shading so the grapes in the image could go for anything: eggs, brunch of dates or any other elliptic form.

This is another try with another reference.

This one was a bit easier to draw in the terms of light. It has more grapes so I had to decide first where to begin my sketch. At first I decided to start with the group on the right, the three grapes and then go left. But then I changed my mind and started with the bottom one on the left and build from there. I think it looks better than the previous, although I am not satisfied with the result.

I don't know. I guess next time, when I choose a reference to draw from, I should take into consideration not only it's composition but also the way it is shaded.

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