March 19, 2012

Drawing an hour a day - beating procrastination.

In one of my latests post I've announced of two of my new 2012 commitments:
1. To learn how to draw people.
2. To draw for at least an hour every single day and document it in my calendar.

I've explained the reason for the first one before - now it's time to reason the second one.

I want to become a great illustrator. For that I should learn. A lot. And since I am not in some kind of formal art program or taking classes but learning by myself I need to create my own framework for that matter.

I am not talking about specific hours, like in real class, although maybe I should. I am just talking about just doing some art work during the day for at least an hour. I know it sounds like I'm forcing myself to do things, but you know, procrastination is such a strong thing, especially if you're a DIY person.
I remember watching a movie, I think it was "Music and Lyrics" where one of the characters told to another that the "muse is for lazy people". So true!!! And I don't need a muse to learn. I need a strict plan to bring my dream to life.

So from now on - every single day I will mark in my calendar weather I drew something that day or not. And if it wouldn't be at least 4 days a week - for at least an hour, and lucky or me, usually it's more - shame on me!!!
By the end of the year I will count the days - starting today.

I hope the results will make me proud.

What do you think? How do you get over your procrastination?

Have a great day,