March 28, 2012

How to draw an iris: 4 tutorials in one month

To conclude the month of an Iris here are the links to the tuts I used this month.

1. Method 1: a tutorial produced by Dragoart, real easy one, 10-15 minutes of work.

2. Method 2: a beautiful tutorial by TLC. I can't help it, I love their tuts!

3. Method 3: a graphic tutorial by DrawingNow

4. Method 4: a video tutorial by OverNight artist.

I hope you find them useful.

It was interesting to draw an Iris. The fact that I have them grow in my town every spring and drawing these from photos is obviously, absurd. But for some reason it is always easier to draw from a photo than from a live object.

I hope I will be able to change it soon enough.

Have a great day,