March 04, 2012

How to draw an Iris flower: Method 1

This is the first part of the How to draw an Iris series.

In this session I will be using a tutorial I found on

It really looked like a really simple one so I've decided to start with it. It is based on a line and a circle and builds itself around it.
So, with a bit of fear I drew my first Iris ever - here it is.

Since I wasn't really satisfied with it, I sketched it again. I made it a bit larger that the first one, although you won't see it here, since the images have been cropped to get rid of unnecessary white space. I am not sure it looks better, but for sure I drew it with more confidence.

These are the sketches from other references.

All sketches were made on an A4 size paper (a new habit, I'd say).

One thing I've learned from this experience: if you want draw a bright flower from a reference - always pick the one with a dark background, not a light one. Or create it manually. I loved White Irises I found online and I really wanted to sketch them, but sometimes I couldn't separate flower from background or petal from petal.
And you know what? Simple? It wasn't.

I hope you enjoyed learning with me.

Have a great day,