March 01, 2012

March: Month of an Iris


It is March outside and it was supposed to be a month of the Snowdrop, a beautiful white flower blooming in early spring. For some reason I couldn't find any written tutorial on How to draw a Snowdrop, only videos but those I find hard to follow. No idea why.

I've decided then to switch to another flower.
Those of you who follow this blog remember that some time ago I visited our local Purple Iris reserve and made some short photo session while enjoying a great February weather.

So why shouldn't March be a month of an Iris? It's a beginning of the spring, Iris is blooming and I believe that there are - at least some - tuts for it. At least I know there are some in several art books. And the Snowdrop, you ask? I think I might create a tutorial of my own. After all, Snowdrop is gorgeous. 

Now let's go back to Iris.
Wikipedia tells us that there are about 300 species of Irises around the world. It comes in a wide range of colors - from white to almost black - and because of that Greek called it Rainbow. It can be found both in the wild and in one's garden.

Iris has been an item of interest to several famous artists. The most famous - at least to me - is a piece by V. van Gogh - Irises, a field of purple Irises with a single white Iris. Apparently, he created at least three more Iris paintings.

As for me, I've always thought of an Iris as of a very complicated flower, just like a Rose. And yet the local artist I know made a full water color image of it in about half an hour with me sitting beside him. But, on the other hand, he has some experience with these. 

So this month will be dedicated to an Iris, an elegant and a beautiful flower.

Good luck to all of us,