March 22, 2012

Drawing an Iris flower - combining and implementing methods

Hi all,

Surprise surprise!!! We're half month through and I'm out of How to draw an Iris flower tutorials!!! How is that possible? Previously when looking for drawing methods I would find plenty:
There were 5+4 tutorials for a Tulip and 6+3 for a Rose.

But this time I found only 3+2 for an Iris. How come?
Maybe the reason for it is that an Iris is not such a popular flower among artists or because it is not as difficult to draw as a Rose. I'm not sure about the first guess but I for sure would argue with the second one. I find the Iris a pretty complicated flower to draw.

Anyway, I still have more than two weeks till the end of the Iris month so I will just continue working on it. And who knows, maybe I will come up with my own Iris drawing method.

These sketches are based on almost randomly chosen references.

The thing is that the more flowers there are and the closer they are positioned one to another - the more difficult it is to draw them. The reason - curvy and curly petals. They tend to blend one into the other with makes it a bit challenging to tell them apart.  

But I guess this is something I would have to deal with.

Have a great day and keep on sketching,