June 30, 2012

Calla Lily: 3 methods (+1) in one month

So let's conclude.

Two almost similar written tutorials and one is a video.
1. Method 1 - taken from DrawingNow.
2. Method 2 - taken from How to draw cartoons online.
3. Method 3 - taken from YouTube.

There is one more by DragonArt which I didn't use but its there and I feel I can't ignore it completely.

And what have I learned during this month?
1. When drawing from an image reference (if it's an online one) always save a link or an image. It is not always possible to complete a sketch in one session, so it is very useful when you can get back to the original one instead of starting it all over again (happened to me several times before).
2. I started sketching with HB and 3H pencils as planned and the outcome - obviously - much less messier.
3. In general, callas have a very simple structure - its lines are flowing and all you have to do is sketch the line, find and place the bud's curves.
4. Started erasing outside lines only. Since I'm sketching now with harder pencils at the beginning, there's no reason to erase the inside lines. I'm shading everything anyway, right?

I hope it was a productive month for you.
Next stop - a Water lily!

See you soon,

P.S. Watched Silk recently. Beautiful, slow, flowing movie. And White and Calla lilieas are a great motif of life and death in it.
also, for your entertainment, do watch this Calla Lilly Centerpiece video tutorial. It's stunning.