June 06, 2012

How to draw a Calla Lily - Method 1

Hi all!

So...... Calla Lilies.... shall we?

For the first try I chose a real simple one, suitable for kids even, taken from DrawingNow.com.
It's based on a triangle and some kind of a shape above connected to the triangle's base.
I was very lazy while doing this tut so it took me quite a while, but it's really an easy one.

This is the result, plain, no shading, no background...

These are based on image references.

These are the only sketches I've done so far, there are no more of these that I did and hid from the viewer's eyes....
I am not really happy with the shading, but I must admit that it looks better on screen that it looks on the original physical version. No idea why.

Also I realized that I'm having some trouble setting proportion of these flowers, so I guess I have to start working on that too.

Did you find this method useful?

Have a great day,