June 28, 2012

Drawing Calla lilies - Bouquets


Since I found no more tutorials for drawing Callas, I've decided to use online resources to draw some Calla bouquets.
I've chosen some nice an simple ones for practice. Here they are.

Next week I will be drawing callas from life.

This is what this post was supposed to be saying.

But as you see - the text is erased.
And the reason is that I failed big time. I could draw a single bouquet this time... I tried several of those I found online, but I kept on erasing every line I made. You could think that I didn't do anything, because, logically, I was supposed to scan even those I did badly, even to just justify this post.

But I got so frustrated that I erased sketches and tore papers. I've been working on these a lot, but there was nothing. Only yesterday I've realized that I should have kept and show everything.

I hope next time I will be wiser and more cold spirited and not let my emotions to get over me like that.

Because even a failure is a step to success.

Have a great weekend,