June 19, 2012

How to draw a Calla Lily: Method 3

Hello :)

This time I'm gonna use a Video tutorial. And since you all know that I don't really like them, the obvious question would be - why do that? Well because there are not enough written tutorials for this flower. And as much as I don't like videos I really had no choice on this one. You could tell that the situation is really bad since I had to use similar tuts for Method 1 and Method 2.

But no matter, as long as I learn something new, that's what important. And this method is indeed different.

So this is "by the tut" sketch.

And these are reference made.

I really enjoy drawing Callas - they are very elegant and really simple to draw. No wonder they are being used for weddings and funerals!

Did you find this method useful? I know I did!

Have a great day,