September 07, 2012

Rosh ha Shana is on it's way!!!

Hi all!!!

The summer is over and it's September again. Yellowish leaves, colder (oh, I wish) weather, shorter days and longer nights and many many holidays to celebrate.

The first one that comes my way is Rosha haShana, a Jewish New year. 
Since Judaism follows the Lunisolar calendar (approximately 28 days + additional month for balance, if needed), for those who follow the Gregorian calendar the dates of the holidays change every single year. This year the celebrations begins Sept. 16th while last year it began Sept. 28th. Sometimes it is in October but never in August or November.

As any New year it is all about new beginnings and wishings for a better year. And, weather you are religious or not, there's always a family feast in the end of the day. Well, like in any major Jewish holiday :)

There's a Gefilte Fish or Hraime with its head to symbolize the head/the beginning of the year; Apples dipped in honey for a sweet year; Pomegranate seeds for fruitful year, Dates - no idea for what, it's just yummy :) And, of course, there is an infamous Leikeh, a Honey cake for dessert. (and I must admit I'm drooling for that cake right now...). And like every year, we leave the table with filled bellies wishing we hadn't eaten that much.

Anyway, this all will happen in a week and in the meantime, I will wish you a great week and happy upcoming holiday season!