September 05, 2012

How to draw an Orchid flower - method 1


This is method one of How to draw an Orchid tutorial.
I chose the easiest - so it seems, at least - tutorial I found online. It is taken from How to draw cartoon online.
It says that you draw a structure of six lines coming from a center and then you just draw. When the author explains about the flower he says that orchid is basically a two layered flower when each layer has 3petals. So after you're done with structuring the 6 line skeleton you can begin with the flower itself.

This is my sketch. It didn't take me long since these are outlines only. You could expect it to be very schematic, since the lines are so straight and forward.

And these are the other sketches. After three single flowers I've decided to go wild and do some full orchid branches.
Although choosing simple ones I loved working on these branches since it had some slight twist on each flower, bud and leaf.

Not my best work, I must admit, although the upper left is ok.

This month I've decided to enter permanently the Tip of the post part which will be concentrated every month in the concluding post and possibly in the end of the year in one big Tip of the Year post.
So today's Tip of the post is as follows: Go over the line with your eyes first before drawing it. Try to remember its curves. They are the ones that make everything so special and differ one item from another.

I hope you found this post and tut useful.

Have a great day,