September 01, 2012

September: Month of an Orchid

Hi all,

First of let me say that I absolutely adore Orchids... For me it is one of the most elegant plants of all.
I remember walking from school one day seeing a woman sitting behind a desk with several Orchids in pots. All types, sizes and colors. When I came closer I was shocked to realize that all these flowers were a fake!!! They were made out of some kind of clay, colored so realistically that it took me some time to believe they weren't real. These clay flowers where made with such care for every detail it was really hard to tell the difference. Of course, the price was pretty high (as it should have been).

But besides admiring this flower I know absolutely nothing about it. So I guess now it's time to learn.

According to Wikipedia Orchid is a "diverse and widespread family of flowering plants with colorful an fragrant blooms".
It is the widest plant family with more than 20K species accepted up til now.
Wikipedia also says that the name of the flower comes from the Greek word for testicles, because of the shape of the Orchids root. And, just like with a last month's Narcissus, there is a myth behind a name.

I must say that I have no preferable Orchid. But I absolutely admire its beauty and its shape.
I tried to groom one once but failed disastrously. I guess Orchids are just not for everyone.

I hope you'll enjoy this month's tutorials.

Have a great day,

P.S. Apparently, there's a whole website dedicated to the flowers of a Greek mythology...