September 10, 2012

How to draw an Orchid flower - method 2


This is a second post out of How to draw an Orchid series. This time I used - again - a DragoArt tut. I love this site since it has so many useful tutorials in it! I don't think there was a month that I didn't use something from it. And this month is not an exception.

The method is simple: draw two uneven ovals, one overlaying the other. Inside each draw a circle. Then you work on a center and then you add petals. Sounds simple? Not as it sounds.
As I said previously, I love DragonArt tuts but this method made me love the orchid a bit less... Following the tut and drawing the center of the orchid made me constantly think of octopus tentacles... And I find octopus a fascinating and beautiful creature.

Anyway, this is the "by the tut" sketch. It's so weird - it usually takes me minutes to complete the by the tut sketch, but when it comes to other sketches - sometimes it can take days to do one!!! So frustrating!!!

And here they are, of course, the "by the ref" sketches.

As you can see, I drew branches again and not only a single flower. It took me some time to do all of them, sometimes too long which was a bit annoying but I managed to complete it.

It looks ok, I think.

And here's what I've learened during these sessions:
Tip of the post: When using several reference images for the same item, always save your links for not wasting time later on. I used to look one reference at a time, searching same web pages over and over again. Now I save the links for those images I find suitable for the sake of the tutorial. Saves me SOOOO much time!!!

Tip of the post: always use at least three pencils - at least at the beginning of your training. A hard one - 2H or lower for the first sketch. It will give you very bright and erasable lines. An HB - for outlining and correcting the existing sketch. A soft one - 2B or higher for shading.