April 19, 2013

Draspace B11: Shading techniques


Welcome to Lesson B11 of a Drawspace art program.

This lesson is all about shading.
As you know, my new habit of learning is to first read the new material through. And, to my surprise, after reading this lesson I've realized that it is a theoretical lesson only. There's no exercise and no challenge in the end of it. But I've decided to do some sketching anyway.
If you go through the text of the lesson, you'll find a sketch of three circles leveled on a different height (F1117). This is what I've drawn. The goal was to practice (circular) hand movement, the pressure level I put on the pencil and the creating of the shading itself.

So these are my circles. I used a simple HB pencil and here's the result.

Obviously, it is not perfect, but who's looking for perfection at the moment?
I find that the decision to do this sketch was the right one. The left circle was the most difficult to draw - it was uncomfortable, the direction changed with every inch of it and the lines were not as curvy as they were supposed to be. The middle circle felt more natural - I dealt pretty easily with the curves and the shading itself. The right one was easily done too, although I thing that the middle circle still looks better.

Tip of the post: When start shading, always finish the area through, without picking up your pencil. That way your shading will look even, since you keep holding your pencil in the same position all the time.

Have a great day,