April 23, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson C01 - How to draw a self portrait.

Hello all!!

Welcome to Lesson C01 of a Drawspace art program. Today I begin a new section. And so I don't feel bored or something this first lesson deals with a self portrait. No more - no less.

The good part is that there's no need to be absolutely look alike. The idea is to practice skills acquired in the two previous sections. But of course - do the best one can.

But before I start drawing I want to make a list of my newly purchased skills. For that I decided to go over the lessons again: 
1. Seeing in basic shapes.
2. Using a Viewfinder frame.
3. Putting a basic shade.
4. Seeing values.
5. Using a negative space.
6. Symmetrical drawing.
7. ....

So this is the photo and the sketch.

And what can I say, was that interesting!!!
Looking at it now, I understand what a long way I have to go to get closer to being able to draw my own self.
But as it was previously said, the purpose of this lesson was not to do a perfect portrait but to use my new skills.
I know that I didn't do my 100% on this one. I also know that I didn't use all my new skills. What I do know is to see all the mistakes I made here and to point them out.
Everything is wrong here but one thing - the action itself. This is the first time in years that I drew a face. Let alone, my own. I guess it's never easy for anyone, unless you have years and years of experience. Also the psychological part of it - I remember the first time I drew myself I've noticed so many imperfections in my own face (and no, it's not about my millions of freckles :))

Anyway, I have to thank Donna, the author of this lesson (and a Drawspace art program) for this one. It's difficult and challenging, and interesting and, at times, painful.

The end of the lesson challenge is to give yourself a hug for the braveness and the acceptance of a challenge. As I happily did :)

Have a great day,