April 27, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson C02 - Lets talk and draw lines

Hi all,

Welcome to Lesson C02 of the Drawspace art program. This lesson is all about drawing different lines: straight, curved and angle. The lesson is really simple - there are three tasks regarding the line drawing and 16 worksheets to copy.

So let's not waste time and start drawing.

Doing the straight lines was simple enough. The Angle lines were a bit tricky since I've decided to draw them in one hand movement.
Surprisingly, the curved lines were done pretty smooth too. I guess that lessons from the previous two sections starting to pay off.

And these are the worksheets.

Now, when finished doing these sheets, I don't really know what to say about it.
I was drawing lines, forms and figures.
I did some measuring to keep the right proportion.
I tried to stay as accurate as possible.

The only think I might be doing in the future when on to this kind of exercise is to printout sheets with readymade squares, so that the scan would look better for the post.

This is it.

Have a great day,