April 06, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson B10 - How to draw a Horse head

Hi all,

This is a B10 lesson of a Drawspace art program.
Today's subject is a Horse. When I opened this lesson the first thing thst came into my mind was "How come a horse appears in the Beginners level lesson". I've never drawn a horse before but I've heard that they are pretty difficult to. I remember reading the Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone and there was a character saying that if one can draw horses - one can draw anything. So, with my hand shaking and head dizzying, I started reading the lesson.

For some reason I was not at my best the day I worked on these sketches so I tried to concentrate as hard as I could. The level of concentration was so high I could hear my blood pumping through my veins. Every little noise that came from outside was a distraction at this point, which made it harder to concentrate.

I took a break and then I read the lesson again. I started drawing and it went pretty smoothly. It was really easy to follow Donna's sketches so the result was ok. I think.

The end-of-the-lesson challenge was to draw another horse from a different sketch. The actוal challenge was to understand what was the horse shaped from, draw it and then, of course, shade it. While doing it I redrew the horse's snout three times - there was a distance mistake before the head and the nose - I put them too far away one from another. But it came out just fine, maybe a bit out of proportion. But in general, I'm pretty happy.

So there it is, my two very first horse heads.

I will be drawing horses againg in the fitire and I'm sure there will be anothr ehorses related lesson. At least I hope there will be.

I hope you found this lesson useful.

Have a great day,