April 02, 2013

How to make a Pessah Mazza bread with Illustrator

Hi all!!!

It's time for a tutorial.

When I was making my latest Pessah card there was a lot of doubts about what to put on it.
I didn't really want to put a traditional Pessah elements but I did wanted to create something associated with spring in general, not Pessah specifically. The reason for this was that at that time I couldn't to illustrate the Matza bread at all.
I did look for a tutorial of how to make a Matza, but found nothing. What I did find was lots and lots of cute vector Matza images that got me curious again and led to this How to make a Matza bred of my own.

So here it goes. Notice that in this tutorial I will be using loads of short-keys only, since using them makes the work much more efficient.

Let's begin!

 1. Open a new document (Cltr + N) and set it to 300mm*300mm.

2. Choose a Rectangular tool (M) an create a large rectangle (Shift + drag) which will make a base for the Matza.
3. Close this layer and create a new one (Cltr + L).

4. Choose a Line tool (\) and draw a Horizontal line (Shift + Drag) in the upper part of the Matza square. Use Selection tool (V), copy it down (Alt + Drag) and Duplicate (Cltr + D).
5. Choose all (Cltr + A). Go to Alight menu and choose a Horizontal Alight to Center.
6. Group lines (right click + Group). Open the Square layer again. Choose all objects (Cltr+ A) and Alight to the center of the Art board.

7. Ungroup the lines (right click + Ungroup) and close the Square layer again.
8. Choose all lines and go to Stroke menu. If not open press Cltr + F10.
9. Check the Dashed line and change Dashes and Details until you're happy with the result.
10. With the lines still chosen, go to Effect menu and choose Distort&Transform. Go to Roughen and change Size (absolute) and Detail (corner) - do until satisfied.

11. Open and choose the Matza bread layer, go to effect menu, Distort &Transform again and Roughen it a bit - Size (absolute) and Detail (corner).

12. Choose a Matza square (V) and copy (Cltr + C) and paste in front of the existing one (Cltr + F). Choose (V) end enlarge it a bit (Shift + Alt + drag). Move backwards (Cltr + I).
13. Go to Swatches menu and choose a dark brown for the back Matza square and all the edges and lines.

14. The Matza itself will be a light yellowish gradient - feel free to choose the shades. Do a corner to corner gradient.

This is it. It's a Matza!

Tips of the post:

    1. Always give a name to your layer.this way, when you have more than 2 layers it will be easier to navigate your way through the layer list without wasting your time.
    2. When creating an effect (or anything else) always check the Preview box. This way you could see the effect before it's applied.
    3. When Alighting, always see what the Alight is related to - an Art board or the Object.
    4. Teach yourself as many Shortkeys as possible. It will make your work way more efficient.

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
    If you have any question - don't hesitate to post it here.

    Have a great day,