February 07, 2014

How do I plan and write posts? - I thought you might be interested :)

Today we will be discussing a method of posts writing and publishing. But first, you should know that I didn't make any research on the subject before I decided to publish this post, so I really don't know what other bloggers have to say.

Several years ago when I decided to start blogging I had only one thing in my mind: to share knowledge. I was a 3d Max newbie and I starved for knowledge. Endless tutorials and tons of info were floating through my head and at times I found myself without a needed tut. My thought was - if others write tutorials, why can't I? So I began writing some tuts and by the end of 2007 I found myself with only 2 posts (October to December). Since there was no proper agenda, I didn't mind. Years 2008-2011 were a little more productive but not great (9, 12, 23, 23 posts). 2011 was the year I've decided to take my blog to the next level. I decided on a theme related to drawing and started to work methodically. And by the end of 2012 I've published 84 posts. But the real change came in 2013 when I started scheduling and planning my posts. As the months passed by I had more and more ideas for new post. It was (and still is) a free mind flow. I guess that in my case it is a bit easier since I have a very strong base for the post in general - at this point most of it revolves around the Drawspace art program. This is what gives me more ideas on what to write. For me there is always a need to share the knowledge, tips and experience as I gain it. I draw, I learn things and I add of my own. This free flow of ideas is the reason why some of my non Drawspace articles will be published two or even three years after they were first drafted. If they're still relevant.

When I draw and an idea comes to my head I immediately leave my sketch and write a very rough draft on what the future post could be. Sometimes it's just a title. Sometimes it a single paragraphs. Sometimes these are some pointers. The idea is to write something down before I forget about it. And then I get back to my sketches. After that I tend write in bits. A sentence here and a paragraph there. This way I don't get stuck on an idea but let it grow and evolve.

I tend to ask questions and utilize my working process. This brings me to research and discovery and these brings me to post writing.

This way I get a long list of my future possible articles so I wouldn't have this so called "writing block" that many talk about. I believe that if I didn't participate in the Drawspace program life would be more difficult. But the way it is now - it's just pure fun of a free flow. Sometimes I write several articles simultaneously. Why? Because it's a free flow brainstorming. Ideas come as you work. Many years ago I've read somewhere that in order to become a successful writer one must write as much as possible. I guess this regards to anything one wants to do well.

So to conclude the above, what will contribute to your post writing?
1. Ideas come as you create. So create!
2. Write an idea down the moment you have it.
3. Schedule your posts.
4. Ask question, look for answers and share your findings.
5. If you see that the post is better in two parts - divide it. That way you'll have another post in your list. :)

And how do you do that? Do you have any tips for post writing?

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