February 27, 2014

How to improve your SEO (and blog in general) without going in too deep?

You work on keywords, titles and image names. As simple is that.

You see, I am horrible at SEO. I've read - and still do - tons of articles and I even took a course, because this subjects really fascinates me. But it was almost worthless. I am too lazy to do the keyword search and really but really don't have the will to do Google campaigns. All I want are some simple methods to make a difference, even the tiniest one. So I kept on reading.

Some time ago I've read this article about the importance of the post titles and then I've noticed something. I've been using Feedly for quite some time now and first what you see is a blog post list with it's titles. Naturally what I do is I skip through and read only what seems interesting. And then I though, jee, this is the thirst thing that I read before I read the thing itself. So from that day I stared to pay attention to my titles. I don't know if there's a difference in ranking or visiting rate but for sure makes me a better blogger.

Another thing is my image titling. I used to title them "img" and "img-1" for the purpose of post editing, so I know what image to put in what section of the post. Today I give them a proper title, like Sunny Beach, or Sleeping Cat etc. At this point this 2 seconds task already became a hobby. Again, no idea how will it effect the blog, but it costs absolutely nothing, so why not do it?

And, obviously, the keyword research, but I won't get into that, it's all has been said before.

What about you? How do you work on your blog's SEO without getting too deep onto it? Or with all the changes Google does it's just irrelevant anymore?

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