February 01, 2014

Developing creativity: Drawing objects upside down.

Hi all,

The idea was taken from lesson H14 of a Drawspace art project Also, Natalie Ratkovski's mentioned it in her book, "Let yourself create" (in Russian). The excersise is about taking a familiar objects and draw it upside down The purpose is to:
  1. Practice drawing something familiar in the unfamiliar way.
  2. Make your right brain work.
  3. Draw lines and not objects. When you draw a mug - you know it's a mug. But when you draw n upside-down mug, you still know it's a mug but you see it differently.
  4. Take a familiar object out of its regular concept and work with it.
So I took a plastic bowl and started working. I must tell in advance that my intention is not to practice realistic drawing but to practice creativity. Although there's always room for both on my paper sheets. 

I first decided to make a sketch of the bowl itself, as is. 

And then I turned it upside down, made several outlines of the bowl and tried to do as many different sketches as possible.

These two are A5 size.

Others I made a bit smaller.

When I did the cake I've suddenly realized that these sketches should be a "based on" style. I've realized that I even don't have to keep the original form; I could alter it, erase and add just as much as I want to.

So here are some more. This time I allowed myself to go crazy and not accurate at all. 

I love the mashed hat and the upper left form. No idea what it is but it's nice.

This exercise is also to become a part of a monthly routine. 

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