June 01, 2014

Developing crativity: Crazy Architect.

I found this exercise here. Since it's in Russian I will explain the idea behind it.
The purpose is to play a "Crazy architect". You choose 10 words and use it as a base to the structure a building. For example: Green, large, banana, dog, skirt, triangle, sky, liquid, pencil, juice.

You combine all these and create a house/building.

This is what I came with.

I didn't do an association work since I knew it was suppose to be a structure of some kind, so I thought withing these boundaries. I did some pre-sketching session of everything just to see all objects in front of me and I decided to set for blue color for sky. Also I thought that there will be no addition like fences or pools or anything like that.As you can see I wrote down the plan in the right corner of my sheet so basically, all I had to do is draw the house and then fill it with color.

And so I did.

The sketch is so faint I had to Photoshop and although it didn't help that much you can still see some of it.

And this is the final sketch.

You can see the banana-like upper window, and the skirt-like something around the house, and the Juice box-like chimney. And of course, the Pencil walls. I Photoshoped it too just to make the color stronger. What really was important here for me is the experience of creation. I wont be even judge the originality if the idea but this is the first step for me.

P.S. I totally forgot about the dog element. Oh well, next time :)

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