June 11, 2014

Muscule memory in drawing: practice makes it perfect

In the beginning of the year I picked up a new project. It's a 365 drawings a day. I got the idea in Natali Ratkovski's blog who herself picked it up in Flickr. Anyways, the idea is to draw something every single day to become better.

I did it for month or two and then stopped since I was overloaded at that period. But during this time I realized something.

There is a term in sports called Muscle Memory.

It means that the more you practice the more your body remembers. If the muscle memory is correct, then even after a long period of no training your body will remember how to do an exercise. I guess that the same goes with drawing: the more you draw - no matter how bad the result is - the more your body (hand, eyes, brain) remembers. And this training is the one that makes you perfect. Both in sports and arts.

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