June 07, 2014

Moving on from Drawspace to something else.

As you know, I recently (almost) finished a Drawspace art program (the free part) to which I dedicated a year and a half. Now when I'm (almost) done with it, it's time to figure out what to do next.

Over this period of time I tried to get involved with additional projects but, as you can imagine, it didn't work quite well. But now when I'm Drawspace free I can start doing other things.

So the first thing in my to do list is to go over my draft posts and see if all of them are still relevant. Usually, when I get an idea I try to write a draft of it as soon as possible. This way my list is always full with ideas. But recently I get a little confused with my list because it has all sorts of drafts - those form the past years of blogging that were scheduled but never published and those scheduled for the future. All of them were scheduled to a specific date but as it happens, a plan is a plan but the execution does not always fit it. So my first task is to go over my drafts and see what is going on there.

My second task for the next week is to figure out what program I'd like to join to keep on drawing. At this point I guess I don't want to learn but to practice what I've learned during my time with Drawspace. I am really hoping to start drawing with Illustration Friday community and finally join Natali Ratkovski's flashmobs (weekly basis for both of them). So wish me luck with that.

That is my plan for the next week. Obviously, my Mid year plan-do-review faze is coming soon an I will be really able to see where I am at at this point.

Hopefully every post will be followed with a new illustration.

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