June 15, 2014

Don't be afraid of your own ideas.

Even if you think it's a bad one. Really.

I am reading an Artist's way by Julia Cameron right now. The book is inspiring and a great call for action for those who feel stuck with their life and are ready to make a change. Or for artists who's seek for inspiration. One of the author suggests - and she's not the first one or the only one - is that one shouldn't be afraid of his or hers ideas. It is said that it's better to have a bad one than none at all. Because a path to a good idea usually goes through a bad one.

The important thing is to let go if perfectionism and execute something.

I bare the thought in mind while working in illustration for "moving on from Drawspace to whatever".

I didn't really know what illustration should go there and, as usual, I've been looking for the perfect illustration, sketching while thinking. Obviously I didn't go with the first idea but since my goal is to practice both illustration and idea generating I decided to draw something. I made peace with my self that the idea is original at al, but it's still something and that this is my next step forward.